About Us

1110 Graphics is a small business in East Tennessee that makes custom vinyl graphics and paint protection products for the collision repair industry.

We've spent over 15 years in high volume collision repair facilities and have installed thousands of graphics during that time. We eventually began making them ourselves and installing them for shops in the area.

Here is just a small sample of our work:

Over time, we began to realize there were certain items that simply weren't available anywhere else, or were only available in limited options, and that's what this site is about.

Having worked in the business, we know the needs of the collision repair industry. We've been there. We've experienced those situations where we realized we had the wrong part... about 15 minutes before that problem customer arrived to pick up their car.

We don't want to give you something that is "close enough" and put you into that situation. We want to send you exactly what you need with no hassle so you don't have to worry about it.

That's why we don't have one door cup protector that may or may not work for whatever vehicle you're working on, we have a dozen shapes and all are made to custom size. It's why we don't sell pinstripe decals in vague colors like "gold" or "gray." We use the 3M pinstripe color chart because those are the most common colors we've seen and you have that chart in your shop so you know exactly what you're ordering. And it's why we don't sell generic stripe packages, you create your own custom sized stripes to get exactly what you need.

We can't supply everything, and some shops will never have a need for some of our items, but everything in our store is something we've ran into numerous times and really can't be found anywhere else. We hope that when you do need them, you come to 1110 Graphics.